Stone House On the site uses a septic tank, well or central communications. Decorating a home usually made of more expensive materials, larch, new windows, laminate, ceramic, hardwood floor. One feature of these projects is that if you do not wake the house resident, then there is enough maintain in the winter temperature of at least 4 C, so as not to unfreeze the devices. The choice of wall material (solid wood) is not accidental. The wooden house is much easier to warm up to a comfortable temperature, rather than stone or frame. Because wood breathes, that is does not interfere with the natural release of moisture. House for permanent residence. The name speaks for itself. The house is designed for permanent residence, so he is not afraid of the temperature in the -40 C.. Proceedings of the walls depends on your imagination stone, frame, wood, etc. Just keep in mind that the thermal conductivity of the walls must match the holes. If an ordinary brick without insulation, it is not less than 640, aerated concrete aerated concrete, not less than 400, the wood not less than 200 in the rod and 300 in the log, the frame is not less than 150 mm. It sounds scary, but recent rate Gosstroy more serious, for example, a tree must 500mm. Finishing and engineering systems correspond cottage. Economic characteristics shared by all projects in construction costs. The cost of construction depends on the amount of future house, which is why many developers write rates for their work based on the total area of the house. Example of average prices for the construction of the house without finishing and installation engineering services in the Moscow region during the spring and autumn of 2006 $ 300 or 9000 rubles. / Sq.m. total area. Beam 180 cu...
China Taiwan Republic of China (Taiwan) to expand FEPZ project of the President of the Republic of China (Taiwan), Ma Ying-jeou, said that the advanced free economic zone (FEPZ) initiative that will help pilot, to facilitate economic growth, higher wages and the creation of jobs in Taiwan. "In the face of serious challenges at home and abroad Taiwan must strengthen its efforts to further liberalize of trade, with a focus on regulatory relaxation and open market access", said Ma. According to the President, Taiwan with regard to trade liberalization 10 years behind its main rivals is back. "The FEPZ can help project, to more in line bring Taiwan's economy with the world in a very short time." The President has instructed the Cabinet to complete a revised draft of the law on special zones by the end of the year. Under the revised plan, several regulatory relaxations are implemented to allow a free flow of goods, capital and talent in the special zones. In addition, should you Immigration rules makes it easier for foreign professionals as well as optimized procedures are created for the procurement of the country. The project focuses on the promotion of five sectors and areas, such as educational innovation, financial innovation, value-added agriculture, international healthcare and intelligent logistics. In an effort to increase Taiwan's global tax competitiveness, all exports and 10 percent of imports by foreign companies in the FEPZs of trade tax will be exempted. According to the plan the efforts of private investment and domestic production are in 2013 to 21 billion NT $ (709.46 million US$) and 30 billion NT $ increase, and thereby to the 13,000 jobs will be created.