The People They had agreed on a consensus candidate to be proposed in the elections of 1958 and, as we know, after the meeting, each one "pulled the donkey" for their side. Is evidenced by the sectarian spirit of what would be the fledgling representative democracy. The struggle of the Betancourt was even against the very values that led him to the presidency. As if to say, there is a hit, everyone participates, a dictator is overthrown, it comes in a democracy, but it remains the same or worse from the standpoint of political stability, with the aggravating circumstance that the exploit reported benefits for only a few "experts" and the honey of power begin to yield its sweetness only for the sectors of the oligarchy. The people return home after being used and the asset's ideological left, after giving a grain of fighting, is banned. Or like saying: double act of treason, one against widespread popular expectation and another against a political party or greater role in the events that occurred recently. The bourgeoisie and the Yankees to power Betancourt's government had the particularity to give rise to a new bourgeoisie, it pro-American as anti-correlation of its policy. But, from the time of the Board of Government that preceded the government of Betancourt, can be seen the edge of this emerging attitude of surrender to the economic sectors of the oligarchy: the two civilians who are called to reduce the military component of the Board are representatives of the economic powers (see date 1958 .) The old ruling class of the dictatorship, terrorism and reactionary, in the context of an alleged era of democracy and consensus, was replaced by a more conciliatory bourgeoisie, even hesitant, which gave space to the development of an influential pro-American.
As You Organize Yourself The present scene where we were immersed, influences in which the people we are set out to situations of much pressure and exigency in our personal life, labor, academic, among others. In this frame, the competition is common day to day and we must quickly generate products to be valued and to be considered. There are many forms to be able to confront this type of situations, and that implies to be organized and to have the capacity to administer the time suitably that we have, our resources (personal like materials), etc. Next we give some ideas you than you must do for organizarte: IT DEFINES YOUR OBJECTIVE: If you do not know what you want, How you could advance? It is important that you know clearly what is your objective of life, to where you want to arrive and towards where you want posicionarte. MANAGEMENT OF THE TIME: The time is a invaluable resource because he is something that never recovers, the life gives hours us, minutes and seconds that we must know how to be useful to achieve the success in your life. It remembers, organizes your time stops: Your family, your work, your profession and studies, diversion (friendships). It must have a balance between all the areas where you distribute your time but you do not clear on the other, to one but it remembers, without a friendly intimate group as she is the family and, you will not be able to have stability, is fundamental the quality of time to your dear beings. In management of the time it includes to be precise in your commitments. IT FORMS HABITS: The habit becomes custom and the best thing is to have positive customs, tries to be constant in which you want to do and learns to being...