Ecosystem Development Of course, the phenomenon in real life are very different from this scheme. For example, at certain stages of the process can be interrupted and proceed further in the opposite direction. However, the overall development of the ecosystem is clearly directed process, law-abiding Nature. Similarly, there is a development and home ecosystem - an aquarium. In any ecosystem is continuously fed different forms of energy, solar (in the tank - the energy of incandescent lighting), mechanical, chemical, etc. During the various processes occurring energy consumed, transformed or accumulated (for example, in the form of the energy of chemical bonds). For a normal (balanced) existence of the ecosystem necessary to the incoming energy was consumed and carried away. Such equality is only in ideal systems. In reality, the flow of energy balance with its costs is almost impossible. Usually think tank isolated system. However, this is not true. Aquarist constantly interfering with his life: regulates temperature, water chemistry, gas exchange, determines the taste quantitative and qualitative composition inhabitants. Consider how these flow three periods of development ecosystem in an aquarium. So, the first stage - formation of the system. In the natural reservoir is a long time. Aquarists are trying to pass it as quickly as possible. Practice shows that it takes a week to two months. This period is important because it lays the foundation for its continued existence. At this time the tank is placed ground, filled with water. Usually observed intensive development of microorganisms, since, on the one hand, fresh water rich in nutrients, but on the other - the first settlers did not have enemies and competitors.
More About Freelance Translators Looking for agencies that can meet your needs translation into several different languages, always available, you can take specialized texts and have procedures in place to ensure that all deadlines are met. Given their need for continuity, capacity and diversity is not surprising that many companies select a translation agency all round rather than individual freelancers. An organism may be more expensive than a freelancer, but the service and quality guarantees justify the extra additional investment. Tips for success as a freelance translator What steps to take after graduation to become a successful freelance translator? 1.After graduating, it is better not immediately appear on the market as a freelance translator, but before finding a job in a translation of all the rounds and spend a couple of years not to acquire the necessary practical experience. As a salaried employee your income will be less in comparison to what potentially could earn as freelance, but do not forget that without experience you will never succeed in the first place. In many cases, it is assigned to a senior translator who revises your translations, monitors your progress, and makes him aware of their strengths and weaknesses. This allows you to acquire the skills and baggage you need on your way to becoming a professional translator, and give you the opportunity to experiment with different types of texts and disciplines. 2.If you can not find a position in paid employment, try to find a job as (unpaid) trainee. A translation agency may not have the capacity or resources to hire new staff, but may still be able to offer an excellent training post to help you gain practical experience in a commercial environment. A traineeship may serve as an effective springboard for a career in the translation business, perhaps even within the same...