Prink Sectors The twenty-fourth manages franchise program counted with the participation of Javier Martinez Zaldo, Manager of clothing for children candling teaches. This chain of children's fashion, founded in 1999, and has with own collections, has been able to dip into the franchise to grow by all Spain and now has stores in Valladolid, Zaragoza, Vitoria, Valencia, Orense, Toledo, Pamplona, Logrono, Santander, Oviedo, Albacete, Madrid, Bilbao, Aviles, Jaen, Castro Urdiales and Aranjuez. Then was the turn of Carlos Sanchez, director of Expansion of chain stores of computer consumables, Prink, a franchise based on the recycling of toner cartridges, arrival in Italy, and in our country that boasts more than 250 points of sale. For its part, space program dedicated to treating the latest news from the world of the franchise made a review of today's flags as Wogaboo, that franchise their Campfire's international pastas; Adolfo Dominguez, who has established a subsidiary in Italy and It has been sold in Argentina; Liwe Spanish, which has been advanced to groups such as Inditex at the launch of a signature shoe, as Inside; Carrefour, which debuts a new Center Express in Madrid; Bakery Mallorca, which debuts its new model of gourmet shop; and Refan, which has launched five new perfumeries of white mark. During the first moments of the program, their drivers, Jose Ramon Inguanzo and Jaime Bosqued, responded to the questions posed by listeners. The first topic was who should run with displacement and support inherent in the process of training expenses when the franchisee lives away from the plant. The following question was focused on the term shop-in-shop, a form of franchise that allows certain concepts of business coexist within establishments whose activity is linked. (The audio file with the complete program can be downloaded in) Manages Radio is a radio chain attached...
Concrete Surfaces Prepare surfaces for plastering Preparation of stone and concrete surfaces, brick, stone, concrete and other surfaces to be plastering, should be thoroughly cleaned from dust, dirt, grease and bitumen stains, as well as projections on the surface of salt. Surface rough enough (eg, concrete, made in metal, planed planks or plywood formwork) are processed threaded, knurled. Preparation of wood surfaces Before plastering wood surfaces need to check the strength of fixing the partitions and other wooden structures staples ershami, nails and eliminate the excess of the established norm of the deviation to be plastering the surfaces of the vertical and horizontal lines: - for walls and partitions, deviations from the vertical in the frame before the max-allowed 10 mm and 5 mm shield Floor - Ceiling horizontal deflection should not exceed 0.5% of the length or width of the room. Surface of the wood before plastering upholster dranochnymi boards with mesh size 45x45 mm in the light without the interlacing Dranitsa or metal mesh with mesh size 10x10 mm. To avoid deformations of plaster from the shrinkage of wood sheathing board walls and ceilings binder should have a width not exceeding 10 cm Dranochnye boards are fixed: the vertical surfaces - clout through two intersections Dranitsa in the third, to the horizontal surface - through one intersection. Wooden panels prefabricated walls and floors to be plastering, stud ragged in the manufacture of exterior wooden walls, wooden ceilings, partitions, walls in rooms that require high termoili insulation, gas-tightness before stuffing drann upholster various insulating materials.