Lehmann Brothers What I will write a summary of this article exposing the most important of it without distorting what the author (Luis Felipe Argamunt) we wanted to reflect. I hope you enjoy it and if you like please comment and especially thank Luis Argamunt, one of the many excellent teachers that have our faculty. Luis begins by telling the state because we are experiencing is called CRASH, and not like most who call CRISIS. And puts it as follows: The crisis is basically a time of change a reality organized a structure which, although has a certain predictability, in turn maintains a degree of uncertainty. In simple terms we would say that a crisis is the abandonment of the old without us knowing very well how long and how it's: good or bad. Crises are not necessarily bad, and often are positive signs of change ahead. CRASH But the term refers to an event even more traumatic, most unexpected and significant and irreversible in its effects. The term "crash" call a bankruptcy, a break. A crash is bad, there just is rescued from the lessons of what not to do. We understand what is happening at this time was predictable. But it does not and is more like a car accident (a crash). Let's see: wewere driving in a risky (and the financial world we mean business), an ever more insane, skating on skates, for the worse on shaky ground, rain and more and more speed. In that context it was unlikely that something bad happened, but it was "politically incorrect" to speak, with stock market indicators by clouds fool anyone want to go through predicting a negative future. Better to close your eyes and pretend to be brave, total ...were all above the car, it was not possible that we...
Ecosystem Development Of course, the phenomenon in real life are very different from this scheme. For example, at certain stages of the process can be interrupted and proceed further in the opposite direction. However, the overall development of the ecosystem is clearly directed process, law-abiding Nature. Similarly, there is a development and home ecosystem - an aquarium. In any ecosystem is continuously fed different forms of energy, solar (in the tank - the energy of incandescent lighting), mechanical, chemical, etc. During the various processes occurring energy consumed, transformed or accumulated (for example, in the form of the energy of chemical bonds). For a normal (balanced) existence of the ecosystem necessary to the incoming energy was consumed and carried away. Such equality is only in ideal systems. In reality, the flow of energy balance with its costs is almost impossible. Usually think tank isolated system. However, this is not true. Aquarist constantly interfering with his life: regulates temperature, water chemistry, gas exchange, determines the taste quantitative and qualitative composition inhabitants. Consider how these flow three periods of development ecosystem in an aquarium. So, the first stage - formation of the system. In the natural reservoir is a long time. Aquarists are trying to pass it as quickly as possible. Practice shows that it takes a week to two months. This period is important because it lays the foundation for its continued existence. At this time the tank is placed ground, filled with water. Usually observed intensive development of microorganisms, since, on the one hand, fresh water rich in nutrients, but on the other - the first settlers did not have enemies and competitors.