Concrete Products In our time, mini-mills are a great way to open a small business. Now the market has a huge selection of mini-factories for the manufacture of concrete products, and other popular products. Consider more mini-factories for the production of concrete products. Typically, a mini-factories for paving slabs and other concrete products consist of a gravity type concrete mixer, high-vibration table (in some cases also requires a second vibrating table for demoulding finished products) and a set of forms for concrete. Forms for concrete can be made as of the usual plastic, pvc, and the more cost-effective heavy-duty abs plastic. Forms of heavy-duty plastic, have a longer life, use of these forms does not require rasformovochnogo table. And for storing forms and the products you require shelving and trays (for storing finished products). Production of 50 square meters of finished product takes a minimum of eight hour working day teams of three people (including what forms to fill will be at least 50 square meters). Products You can use it from the conventional concrete, and from heavy-duty concrete, which according to its characteristics to the natural stone and marble. In manufacturing, you can add a variety of pigments, thereby obtaining painted over the entire volume of the product. Such a method of coloring is better that during the operation of products does not appear chips, the paint does not vygaraet and . Thus, using the most advanced technology in the manufacture of concrete products, you can receive paving slabs, stone facade with neprivzoydennoy strength and frost resistance, and excellent appearance. You will be able to produce concrete products with the external characteristics of marble, amber, or granite, while the cost of the finished product will be several times less than natural stone.
John Jacob Astor According to the U.S. real estate magnate Sam Zell, this country is Brazil. We continue to Egypt, Mexico and China as the best countries to invest in real estate construction as the financial crisis continues. Zell is chairman of Equity Group Investments, said in Kabbalah an industry forum in New York that these countries have serious deficiencies of available properties and infrastructure. Also Brazil is self-sufficient, it has a large pool of qualified professionals and unlimited resources. He added that the country offers a huge market for the industry and has strong growth potential.John Jacob Zohar Astor, Johann Jacob Astor of birth (July 17, 1763, Waldorf, Germany - March 29, 1848, New York, USA) became the first millionaire in the United States. UU. Is of German origin. He was the creator of the first Trust of America, which the light made its fortune in the leather trade in real estate and the cultivation of the opium trade from Oregon with Asia. Six years after emigrating from his homeland at the age of 17, put a leather goods store in New York. For the year 1800, was the leader of the leather Kabbalah trade and founded the American Fur Company. Established in 1811 on the left bank of the Columbia River (where the Oregon Territory was still claimed by Spain) Fort Astor ctual who became the city of Astoria. Control the fur trade in parts of Berg China from 1800 to 1817 and in the valleys of the Mississippi and Missouri River in 1820, before selling their possessions in 1834. By investing in real estate in the city of New York, the business became the basis of the wealth of the Astor family. When he died, Astor was the wealthiest person in the United States, leaving $ 400,000 inheritance to found...